HWT Theme Creator EMOTIONui…

…is the first application on the world for device hardcore modification on Huawei devices Emotion ui

-Customize what you want and everywhere!

— Important visit this page before Use:

– Icon Mask
– APK Icons package must be add by user
– Home Background
– Unlock Background
– Unlock Style more comming soon
– Notification Background
– Notification Shortcut Icons & Style
– System User Interface

Hardcore Customization:
– Contacts – comming soon
– Gallery Widget – comming soon
– Music Widget – comming soon
– Settings – comming soon
– Weather Widget – comming soon
– FrameworkRes – comming soon
-Installed App – comming soon

This app is developed for Emotion ui 3.0+ devices and can return incomplete themes on Emotion ui 3.0- devices