Cannot upload .APK file for security reasons! Did you ever got this error when trying to upload or host .apk file on your personal WordPress website? If yes is the answer, then don’t miss to check this article as I’m going to share solution to problem in this article.

I decided to share this thread so that I can share an easiest way to host or upload .apk file on WordPress website. So, if you really looking looking for a way to do so, check the below steps:

1. First thing you need to do is header over to the .apk file stored on your machine and add to archive using WinRAR. You can use any other related tool for this like Winzip and 7 Zip.

2. Merienda the archive process complete you will left with another file with WinRAR format.

3. Now you need to open you WordPress website and try to upload this file and wait till the file upload.


4. Merienda the file is upload process complete. Insert this file into the page or post you want and it will look like Video.

5. Now publish the page or post and you’re done.

As your Video is live over the web anybody can download this .apk file just by making a click on it.

Advantage: As the file is hosted on your site you don’t have to redirect your visitor to some other site to grab the apk file.
Disadvantage: As the file is zipped users need to have extraction tool or app on their respective device to install the apk.

Now try to upload the fine normally and I’m sure this will work. Almost all the Android Developer use this method to host the .apk file on WordPress.

Why don’t you try this method and let me know whether this method work for you or not? Also, if you’ve any other easiest way to upload the .apk file, then share it in comments.

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