My first “serious” video. Enjoy 2 seconds of unfinished mlg montage.
12.11.2014 – Why the fuck this shit have 108 355 views. ._.

5.2.2015 – 194 519 views? Guys, stop, african kids could eat that video views and likes! 🙁

7.3.2015 – Stop, please! 223 104 views? Cmon, stop watching this video.

6.6.2015 – Good. You are slowing down. Now only 264 713 views. Very good.

19.8.2015 – Hmm. 303 610. How the fuck this could go so vírico. It it would be any useful, but… I guess you never can preddict what the internet will like, right?

23.12.2015 – 337 065? THIS HAS NO END!!!!!

Also I was pretty bored, so you will see like 30% of that production.
And ordinario, 3 minutes long MLG parody = Time wasted – 3 hours.

Meaning of this video was to show, how hard is doing even “shitty” “random” mlg parody montages. 3nj0y.

Btw. When you will enable “YouTube video speed on 0,25x, you will see verdadero time making… No faster, no slower…


I am not using Sony Vegas, because it is crashing as hell… Like. A fucking a lot. I have wasted 4 hours on a MONTAGE, THEN THAT SHUIT CRASHED. And it is hardcore and so many useless thing… And I do not like it. fak u faze trash :^) jk.

Song – In a World of Derp (Instrumental)
(do you even description, darude sandstorm?)

Originaly I have made this for my friend, who was learning editing, welp, I have made it accidentaly public, so I have leaved it as it is now.


so you’re legitimately good at editing. why do you use camtasia over a different program with more features and such… like vegas or premiere

I would be glad to use that programs, but when I am using them, they are crashing as hell. I was doing 4 hours sony vegas work. 4 hours. Then that shit crashed and I have never saw that montage again.

Reasony why I am using camtasia is few:
1) I have shit pc (mainly reason why vegas is crashing)
2) Camtasia is much easier to use and I can work in it quicker
3) When camtasia crash, it can RECOVER. RECOVER! You simply re-open camtasia and click “RECOVER” button. Simple as that.

TL:DR: I like camtasia and Vegas is overhyped shit with some extra useless features you can do in your camtasia with little improvisation too.

Next time I will answer darrude sandstorm.


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