XPosed Installer In Bluestacks
Tweak Bluestacks
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Before this… you must root your bluestacks :


This will teach you the step by step Installation of Xposed for your Bluestacks

You will need:
Xposed Framework
Root Explorer

? Install Xposed Framework in bluestacks, don’t open it
? Now Extract Downloaded Xposed Framework apk
? Move to assetsx86 rename “app_process_xposed_sdk16” to “app_process”
? Move renamed “app_process” to Bluestack
? Install Root Explorer in Bluestack
? Open Xposed Framework from Bluestack and Click on Settings
? Untick “Enable Downloads” Button
? Open Xposed Framework Again and Click on “Framework”
? Click on “Install” it will ask for Super su permission
Allow it and it will ask you for reboot, now click on “Visera”
? Open Root Explorer
? Navigate to “/system/bin” folder
? Rename “app_process-arm” to “app_process-arm.orig”
and “app_process” to “app_process-arm”
? Navigate to /sdcard/windows/BstSharedFolder
? Copy “app_process” from /sdcard/windows/BstSharedFolder to /system/bin
? Long Press on this file, Click on Permissions and set permissions
? Restart your Bluestack and it will be work fine with xposed framework in it.

Credits to

Xposed Installer APK :
Root Explorer APK :
May be used in changing android ID or tweaking some apps and user interface… 🙂 explore it… but im not responsible for any lose xD

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