This video is a demonstration of How To Install Genymotion With Google Play Services APK.

This is a rather important video because it will allow you to test, debug, and do many important features that you generally can’t do with a generic emulator. Even the stock Genymotion wouldn’t be able to do the extra features without what we’re showing today. Hope it help and ask any questions if there are any!

Ensure that your Genymotion is up to date.
Go to this Video :!/download

Ensure that your VirtualBox is up to date.
Go to this Video:

You will need to install three zip files:
They are the ARM Translation Installer, Google Apps for your Android, and Google Play Services APK
Go to this Video: (ARM Translation Installer)
Go to this Video: (Google Play Services APK)
Go to this Video: (5.0) (2.3-4.4)

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