Hi everyone so you need to download these apk files.

ES file explorer apk

If you don’t have root watch this video-

Open ES File explorer and turn on root explorer.
Now click on “devices” from dropdown menu and click on “data” folder and again click on “data” folder.
Now go to the folder with name, “com.miniclip.eightballpool”, then go to “files” and “contents” and “resources” and then click “NSUserDefaults.plist” file and open it as text.
Now search for “UserCash” “Userlevel” and “PremiumCash” and change there value to whatever you like.
Now close all windows and open eightball pool and make sure your internet is turned off.
Now click practice offline. And you will see your pool cash, coins increased.

Note that it only works for offline mode, as soon as you go online, the value will be changed to what they used to be.

Thankyou for watching.

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