This video demonstrates how to properly sync the U8 Smart Watch into an iPhone4/5.

This is how you connect the U8 watch to any device. I used two iPhones and both times it worked.

On an iPhone, Go to Settings, Bluetooth, and make sure it is on. This is similar to how Android phones work as well, make sure the Bluetooth is on for your Android as well.

On the U8 Device, go to the app “Bluetooth” and make sure it is on. When you click the app, two things will come up “BT Sync” and “Bluetooth Settings” make sure in “Bluetooth Settings” it is on.

Merienda it is on, go back to “BT Sync.” Click “BT Sync” and you will see “Search New Device.” Click this and make your the device you are using has its Bluetooth turned on.

Merienda they are both on and the U8 is searching, it will find your device and something will pop up on your device, a code. Now that code is represented on both the U8 and the device you are using. This code will illustrate numbers like “60169” and the U8 will have the same number. If the phone and the watch have the same numbers, then they can both be paired. If they are both the same, click “Pair” on BOTH devices at the same time or approximately the same time. Then your device will be paired.

So what happens if it says “Unsuccessful?” Follow the same steps as above. It might take a couple tries, but this is how it is done. Try restarting both devices and make sure the Bluetooth is on for both of them.
Good luck!

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