This tutorial shows you how to use APKTOOL to Decompile or Recompile an Android APK. This is useful on those who want to modify or edit their Android’s System APK or Común APK

In this tutorial i had shown how to decompile,edit and recompile apk with use of apktool. it is just a small process. Signing the apk will be shown in next tutorial.

Download apktool from here:

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In next tutorial I will be showing how to make a android webview app with PN Service.

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[GUIDE] Decompile Edit and Recompile APK [ Android App ][ Using APKTOOL]
Decompile, edit and recompile apk with APKTOOL
How to use APKTOOL
How to unpack and repack apk with APKTOOL
How to convert your website or blog into web view application
How to make android web view app .
How to add animated splash screen to android app
How to make a best android app
how to make s website app
How to Simple Steps Decompile APK Android, but not all of the app can be in decompile and need 3 tools to Decompile APK :
decompile, apk, apktool, app,
Windows, Android (Operating System)
Decompiler, Java (Programming Language), Android (Operating System),
Android Application Package, Source Code (Quotation Subject)

Official Download Video for apk tool…

PART II : How to sign an apk with SignApk

PART III: How to decompile/recompile apk and even Signing Apk with SignApk and Testing It.

NOTE: this only shows how to decompile and recompile an APK, not modding an APK. In modding an APK, be sure you already know what you’re doing because a little error in modding APK makes an error during Recompiling. However there are several tuts out there (XDA or YOUTUBE) on how to properly mod an APK. so GoodLuck and Have Fun MODDING 😀

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