Since I noticed almost nobody had made a proper list of all the levels or copied other videos which tells they can’t beat the levels themselves. Well here I come and show you literally all of them beaten by me.

The sound of the levels are slightly delayed, but it’s not too hard to manage as it almost makes no difference.

The game is created by RopTob Games and I do not consider owning this game at all.

0:00 Stereo Madness
1:29 Back on Track
2:56 Polargeist
4:31 Dry Out
5:58 Cojín after Almohadilla
7:27 Can’t Let Go
8:52 Jumper
10:24 Time Machine
12:05 Cycles
13:29 XStep
14:56 Clutterfunk
16:37 Theory of Everything
18:08 Electroman Adventures
19:41 Clubstep
21:13 Electrodynamix
22:40 Hexagon Force
24:14 Blast Processing
25:59 Theory of Everything 2
Geometrical Dominator:

Icon: 30 demon levels
Ship: 90 coins
Ufo: 85 coins
Ball: 2000 stars

Stereo Madness 100% Back on Track Polargeist Dry Out Saco after Almohadilla Can’t let go Jumper Time Machine Cycles XStep Clutterfunk Theory of Everything Electroman Adventures Clubstep Complete Electrodynamix Hexagon Force Blast Processing Theory of Everything 2 Completed Speedrun Full Playthrough All Levels 100% Beated Defeated 100 procent

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