This video shows how to decompile an apk file in a few seconds with SmartApkDecompiler

SmartApkDecompiler download Video

Jd-GUI download Video

This program is based on the usage of the following tools:

this tool is used to generate all readable resources

7zip –
this tool is used to exctract the apk in which there is the classes.dex file

this tool is used to generate the jar with all classes from classes.dex file

You don’t need to download them as they are included in SmartApkDecompiler package

1- unzip the file in any directory you want
2- drag apk one apk file on SmartApkDecompiler.bat
3- after the work has been done, supposing your apk name is myapk, you will find a folder named myapk_decompiled.
4- In this folder you will find the diferente apk and a folder named appdecompiled.
In this folder you will find
– all applications resources (manifest, strings, styles, drawables ecc..)
– a file named classes_dex2jar.jar: this file is to be opened with jd-gui, you will find it at this Video

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