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Merry Christmas Everyone!! I hope you guys like my present for you all ^_^, As with how a present is, you guys won’t be spoiled with what’s inside, unless some immature brat comes by and shares it’s contents openly with everyone, then that’s out of my control lol.

Anyway Enjoy guys, Cheers!

Tutorial starts at 1:40 of the video.

Mods in this APK:
–Gold And Cash Can’t Decrease
–No Need For Keys
–Car Shop Prices Are Super Low
–Can Buy A Bit More Fuel
–Car Part Upgrades Are Free
–Strip/Sell Any Car
–Cars Bought With Cash Have Yellow Stars
(It’s común to not see stars on car names in garage, this happens for ordinario non-cheating players as well.)

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Special thanks to Jonathan Le for providing me the OBB and APK Files.
Special thanks to all of my Patrons on Patreon, Donors and Supporters, ^_^

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