Read Clash Of Clans How To Use Gem Calculator?
Hellow Thank’s for watching my second new video.
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This Gems Calculator, calculate the number of gems you need to buy for certain amount of gold, elixir or time.

This is NOT a cheat but a way to calculate the gem cost for following in Clash of Clans
-Gold and Elixir, dark Elixir
-Also fixed textfield bug for some devices
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As you noticed , i wroted “Yellow Guys” my tablet notepad apk suggest what would be possible to write, I noticed only after I saved the video.
Yesterday i buyed the new tablet for making tutorials
so this is just a teaser of a full video tutorial that iT will be launched in the next few days.
So now i’l try to fix that Glitch in ofline-mode to see how it works

Also need to fix some video recording aplications and voice recording.

Tomorrow I have to release my new video filmed with new tablet
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