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I hope this video can bring in relaxation and healing, and aid you in your ascension and enlightenment.

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Thank you About My Healing App:
The one and only healing app you need.

out on android.

Including sessions:
Charge Water
Environment Clearing
Good Health
Ormus Creation
Science Upgrade
Genetics Healer
War Clearing
Various Aim & Shoot Chi Lazer Gun
NEW: Many Existente Crystal Energy Sessions

Take your smart-phone with you and let the energies bring peace into your self and into your environment.

Offering for a cheap amount 7 €

Using this app you can also Charge water anywhere you go. Just select the session and put your phone next to a water bucket and let the magic begin!

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the next level of machine-Consciousness interaction.

How to Install:
Buy the App through my store for 8 Dollars
Move over the .APK file to your android phone through USB.
Check the «Files» icon on your start-screen on your android.
Check Programs and Press on «Ki Kaz Healing App»
Remember to put on allowance for background information.
Click «Install» and you are done!

With the Lazer Option you can also :
Aim, Fire!
Play the session and type of ray of your choice, then the object or environment you point or aim your smart-phone at will be charged with alot of positive energy!
Perfect app if you want to charge your water, help the community or just heal anything you want!
You can even manipulate the weather by being more sunny using this! NOTE: I CAN NOT PROMISE THAT MY HEALINGS WORK ON YOU. DO THIS FOR YOUR OWN ENJOYMENT. Also another note. I can never force anything or anyone.. I can only assist with my energies. Each person needs to take care of their own karma and behaviour. thank you for noting this. Now my app is out on GOOGLE PLAY!
it is called Ki Kaz Healing App Hello. Check out Reaccionario powerful Single Healing Sessions at

there you can find alot of stuff!

-Powerful Hypnosis , for DNA Activation, Healing, Wealth Stimulation, Unity etc.
-Energetic Healing Sessions
-Sound Healing, Binaural Beats and Music

Have a great time.

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