Bluetooth Viewer by Janos Gyerik

This is a simple Bluetooth connection debugging tool.It works with Bluetooth devices that broadcast text data.1. Connect to a Bluetooth device2. Display incoming raw text data line by line (if the device broadcasts such data)3. Send raw text data to the connected deviceYou can confirm successful pairing, educador incoming raw text data and see exactly what is being transmitted from the Bluetooth device.I plan to add the following features in the future:* Support Bluetooth devices that broadcast binary data, not only text* Option to see data in hexadecimal format instead of text* Option to add timestamp to incoming messages* Option to add GPS info to incoming messages* Plugin framework for customized views tailored to specific Bluetooth devices, especially various types of sensorsPlease report problems or feature requests by email or using this page: homepage:* Alan Haddy ( option to record incoming Bluetoothdata and send as email attachmentHappy Bluetooth debugging 🙂

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