Auto Bluetooth – Donate by Solar Wooden Androide

Auto-Bluetooth automatically turns on Bluetooth based upon your settings: * Incoming call* Outgoing call* Phone charging* On a Timer (e.g. Every 3, 5, 10 or 15 mins)* Miracast disconnectedIt will then turn off Bluetooth based on your settings: * When the call ends* When the Bluetooth connection is lost* Do not disable Bluetooth* Miracast connectedAlso included is the ability to coche answer call and specify specific Bluetooth devices to speed up connection.Lollipop users please note that its not possible for this app or any 3rd party app to automóvil answer phone calls. Only Google’s apps can do this.This app is particularly useful for when driving a car where you have forgotten to turn on Bluetooth for your in-car connection. It will also save your battery as you don’t need to keep your Bluetooth on all the time.

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