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Taking some time to narrow the HUGE topic of optics down to specifically red dot/magnifier combos (aka: “hybrid optics”). A few things I forgot to/didn’t have the time to mention…
Samson MFG 3.5x can be found here:
Check out Brownells if interested in the EOTech CQB T-Dot:


1) Vivo estate – Keep in mind with a red dot + mag setup on an AR one thing you should be aware of is the available space you have on your upper for this kind of hardware. It’s a chunk to make room for. If you shoot nose to charging handle and get up on the gun a lot like we do you will need to make sure you have enough mounting surface for both the magnifier and your specific red dot or risk the magnifier sitting too far to the rear hitting you in the face with every squeeze of the trigger.
2) Practical magnification – Also keep in mind that 3x is NOT such an extreme amount of magnification that it becomes over-powering. 3x is a very common and extremely manageable level of power for a large variety of scenarios and still supports use of the optic with both eyes open while utilizing the Bindon Aiming Concept (BAC). Again, most ACOGs are around the 3-4x range and even these can be used very effectively at close ranges.
3) Military use of red dot + mag combos – During my time in the service I never personally saw anyone utilize red dot magnifier combos. Granted, I was never in any “cool” units that would allow custom setups of any issued firearms nor did we ever work closely with any units whose command did either. During my time scouring combat footage I did at one time run across a video of an Army unit in Afghanistan showing one Soldier rocking an Aimpoint T1 and 3x mag, however the use of red dots + plus mags in the military is fairly uncommon. Don’t get too hung up on what the military does and doesn’t do. Analyze what your goal for this tool is, determine the role it will be used for, and go from there.

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