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Abandon Association Bore Chemist Criminal Ease
Abandoned Atmosphere Bored Chemistry Crop East
Absolute Atom Boring Cheque Cross Eastern
Abuse Attached Bottle Chest Crowd Eat
Academic Attack Bowl Chew Crowded Economic
Access Attention Box Chicken Crown Economy
Accident Attorney Boy Chief Cry Edge
Accommodation Attraction Boyfriend Child Cup Editor
Account Attractive Brain Chin Cupboard Educate
Accuse Audience Branch Chip Cure Educated
Achieve Aunt Brave Chocolate Curl Education
Achievement Author Bread Choice Curly Efficient
Acid Automatic Break Choose Curtain Effort
Acquire Autumn Breakfast Chop Curved Egg
Actor Available Breath Church Customer Elbow
Actress Promedio Breathing Cigarette Cut Elderly
Add Awake Brick Cinema Cycling Election
Addition Award Bridge Circle Dad Electrical
Adjust Awful Bright Citizen Damage Electricity
Adopt Baby Brilliant Claim Dance Electronic
Adult Back I Bring Clap Dancer Elegant
Advertisement Back II Broadcast Class I Dancing Element
Advertising Background Broken Class II Danger Elephant
Afraid Microbio Brother Classroom Dangerous Elevator
Aged Bad Brown Clean Date Email
Agreement Bad-tempered Brush I Clerk Daughter Embarrassing
Aid Badly Brush II Client Dead Embarrassment
Aircraft Bag Brush III Climb Deaf Emerge
Airport Baggage Bubble Climbing Death Emergency
Alarm Bake Buggy Clock Debt Emotion
Alarmed Cálculo Build Closed Decorate Emotional
Alarming Ball I Building Closet Decoration Emotionally
Licor Ball II Bullet Cloth Defence Emphasis
Alive Ban Bunch Clothes Defend Emphasize
All right Band Burnt Clothing Delight Empire
Allied Bandage Bury Cloud Delighted Employ
Ally Bank I Bus Club Delivery Employee
Alone Bank II Bush Coach Dentist Employer
Along Bar I Businessman Coal Deposit Employment
Alongside Bar II Businesswoman Coast Desert Empty
Aloud Bargain Busy Coat Deserted Encounter I
Alphabet Barrier Butter Coffee Desk Encounter II
Alphabetical Saco Button Coin Destruction Encourage
Alphabetically Bath I Buy Cold Device I Encouragement
Alternative Bath II Buyer Coldly Device II End
Alternatively Bathroom Cabinet I Collapse Diagram Enemy
Ambulance Battery I Cabinet II Colleague Diamond Energy
Amuse Battery II Cable I Collect Diary Engaged I
Analyse Battle Cable II Collection Dictionary Engaged II
Analysis Bay Cake Colour Die Engine I
Ancient Be sick Calculate Coloured Diet Engine II
Anger Beach Call Column Dig Engineer
Angle Beak Camera Come Dinner Engineering
Angry Bear I Camp Comedy Dirt Enjoy
Animal Bear II Campaign Comfort Dirty Enjoyment
Anniversary Beard Camping Command Disabled Enormous
Announce Beat Mampara Compete Disapproval Enquiry
Annoyed Beautiful Cancer Competition Disapprove Ensure
Answer Beauty Candidate Computer Disaster Enter
Anxiety Bed Candy Concert Disc Entertaining
Anxious Bedroom Cap Conference Disease Entertainment
Apart Beef Haber Conflict Dish Enthusiastic
Apartament Beer Captain Confuse Display Entire
Apologize Belief Capture Confused Divide Entitle
Appear Bell Car Confusion Division Entrance
Appearance I Belt Card Congratulations Do Entry
Appearance II Bend Carpet Connection Doctor Envelope
Apple Beneath Carrot I Construct Dog Environment
Application Between Carrot II Construction Dollar Environmental
Appointment Bicycle Carry Container Door Equal
Approval Bid Cash Continent Dot Equipment
Approximate Big Cast Contrast Down Equivalent
April Bill Castle Convention Downward Error
Area Bin Cat Conversation Dozen Escape
Argue Biology Catch Cook Draft Essay
Argument Bird CD Cooker Drama Essential
Arise Birth Ceiling Cookie Draw Estate
Arm Birthday Celebrate Cooking Drawer I Estimate
Armed Biscuit Celebration Core Drawer II Euro
Army Bitter Cell Corner Dream Even I
Around Bitterly Cellphone Cost Dress Even II
Arrange Black Cent Cottage Dressed Evening
Arrangement Blade Centimetre Cotton Drink Event
Arrest Blank Ceremony Cough Drive Everyone
Arrival Blame Certificate Coughing Driver Everywhere
Arrive Blind I Chain Count Driving Evidence
Arrow Blind II Chair Counter Drop Evil
Art Block Chamber Countryside Drug Exact
Article Blonde Change Couple Drugstore Exactly
Artist Blood Channel Court Drum Exageration
Artistic I Blue Charity Cover I Drunk Exaggerate
Artistic II Board Chart Cover II Dry Exaggeration
Ashamed Boat Chase Cow Dull Exam
Ask Boil Chat Cracked Dump Examination
Asleep Bomb Cheat Crash I Dust Examine
Aspect Bone Check I Crash II Dying Example
Assist Book Check II Crawfish Ear Excellent
Assistance Boot Cheek Cream Early Except
Assistant Border I Cheese Credit Card Earn Exception
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