Decompile APK Get Java + Xml Alter Applications
Extract the resource code from any apk file. Personalize apps by modifying apk means.Pokemon Go splash display modified.

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Java Runtime Ecosystem (JRE) 1.7:
Apktools Bat File: windows/apktool.bat
And ZipSigner: app https://participate

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00:16 Disclaimer
00:30 Use Situation
00:59 Limitation
01:42 Necessity
01:57 Concepts & Overview

02:53 Element : Software program Download & Installation
03:04 Build APK Extract Directory
07:06 Established the Path Ecosystem Variable
08:21 Test Mounted Software program

09:14 Element 1: Get Resource Code sort APK JAVA + XML
09:25 Download APK from Participate in Retailer
09:38 Decode APK Employing Apktool
12:32 Transform Dex to Jar making use of dex2jar
13:33 Decompile Jar to Java Resource Code making use of jd-gui
14:31 Decompile Jar to Java Resource Code making use of luyten

14:58 Element 2: Modify Applications Employing APK Device
15:12 Decode Pokemon GO APK Employing Apktool
15:55 Modify Pokemon GO Splash Screen
16:54 Rebuild Pokemon Go Apk Employing APkTool
17:35 Transfer Apk Employing EZ File Explorer
18:00 Sign Apk Employing Zip Signer Application
18:17 Install and Test Modified Application

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Decompile APK Get Java + Xml Change Apps

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