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The very best way to learn any dance is to practice the features that make up that dance, a great deal like practicing your scales on a piano. If you learn to examine music and you learn your scales, you can engage in any tune place in front of you. Identical form of matter when it comes to the unique variations of swing. If you realize some basic swing features you can place them alongside one another a lot like Legos to make up the unique design of swing. Some of these features are going for walks, contact-stepping, triple stepping, and kick-ball-variations. Let us just do that in area.

Just wander in area. Won’t issue what foot you start with, just wander. Feel what that going for walks rhythm feels like. Now we want to make sure we’re over our toes, not again here marching driving our toes, appropriate? We are dancing over our toes, appropriate? So there’s going for walks.

Then there’s contact-stepping. Contact, action, contact, action. When get cozy contact-stepping will not just do it underneath you. Contact to the side, contact ahead and again. Get cozy just relocating close to.

And then of program we have our triple measures as effectively. Triple action underneath you, appropriate? Triple action heading sideways. I would even triple action heading ahead and again. Proper? Just having cozy with what that rhythm feels like.

Then we have our kick-ball-alter. Kick, ball (it can be the ball of the foot), alter. From the side that goes kick, ball alter, kick, ball alter. You can even do it with equally toes. Kick, ball alter, kick, ball alter. Once more, kick, ball alter, kick, ball alter.

If you will not decide on the foot up it can be contact-ball-alter. Contact, ball alter, contact, ball alter, as opposed to a kick-ball-alter. Some motion, just appears to be like a minor little bit unique because I’m not buying the foot up. So we’re heading to go ahead and take these features and place them to music. You want to practice them a lot so that you can draw on them as needed when you might be executing the unique kinds of swing. We are heading to do it to music appropriate now.

There you have all of your features that make up swing dancing.

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